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RAEGR MagFix MM60 Cable Organizer Dock launched

Cable management view of the RAEGR MagFix MM60

RAEGR, an consumer tech accessory brand has launched the MagFix MM60 cable organizer dock for Apple Magsafe Chargers. This is easy to implement solution is extremely adaptable and ensures that wires are kept safe and organized thereby avoiding damage and tangles.

The charger can be held in place by the dock which also provides space for the cable to be neatly coiled or tucked away so ensuring the cable will remain undamaged and untangled.

A detailed overview of the RAEGR MagFix MM60 and its features
RAEGR MagFix MM60 Features

Highly durable silicone is comfortable to the touch does not slip and can be washed thoroughly. The silicon protective case known as RAEGR MagFix MM60 is designed to be used only with Apple Magsafe chargers.

The protective case weighs only 36 grams, which enables it to be easily portable due to its tiny weight. Because of its compact size, it is simple to move to a wide variety of locations, including on business trips and vacations. The housing is an impeccable match for the MagSafe Charger which ensures the highest possible level of compatibility.

Pricing and Availability

The RAEGR MagFix MM60 Cable Organizer Dock for Apple Magsafe Chargers is priced at Rs.799 and is available on and


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