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Nothing Phone (2) will feature a 6.7″ display and get 3 years of Android updates

Nothing phone 2  is made of Recycled materials
Nothing Phone 2

Nothing is gearing up to launch Nothing Phone (2) in July now the company has confirmed that the phone will get 3 years of OS updates and 4 years of security updates, the same as the Nothing Phone (1).

In addition, Nothing has announced it has achieved a lower carbon footprint on a second-generation product. The Phone (2) has a certified carbon footprint of 53.45kg, over 5 kg lower than Phone (1)

Even with the 200mah increase in the battery from 4500mah to 4700mah and a screen that is 0.15 inch bigger than Phone (1), this is a big achievement said by the company

The company has also confirmed a 6.7-inch display for the phone (2) compared to a 6.55-inch in the phone (1), Based on the reports, it will have a 120hz flat AMOLED panel.

Nothing phone 2 sustainability progress material over view
Sustainability Progress

The company also said that phone (2) has 3x more recycled or bio-based parts vs Phone (1)

Phone (2) sustainability process

  • 100% recycled tin on 9 circuit boards

  • 100% recycled copper foil on the main circuit board

  • Over 90% recycled steel on all 28 steel stamping parts

  • 80% of plastic parts sustainability sourced

  • 100% recycled aluminum mid-frame made with 100% renewable energy

  • Final assembly plants are powered by 100% renewable energy

  • The package is plastic-free, and the box uses mix certified with over 60% recycled fiber


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