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Google unveils its new features for Android and Wear OS

New Update of android and wear os
Android and Wear OS

Google has introduced seven new updates and features today, aimed at assisting users in acquiring new skills, maintaining productivity while on the move, and safeguarding their information on smart devices, including Wear OS smartwatches.

Reading Practice

Enhance your vocabulary and comprehension skills using your Android phone or tablet with the new reading practice feature. Access thousands of children’s eBooks on Google Play Books marked with a “Practice” badge. Receive real-time feedback, practice mispronounced words, and improve your reading skills.

A detail of reading practice
Android and Wear OS

At a Glance with three new widgets

Customize your Android phone or tablet home screen with three new widgets. Stay informed with personalized movie and TV show suggestions from Google TV, track stocks with Google Finance, and read curated daily headlines from Google News.

Andriod and tablet three new widget
Three New Widget

Music and Podcasts from Your Watch

Enjoy music and podcasts directly from your Wear OS smartwatch. Access Spotify’s personalized music lineup, stream podcast episodes, and listen to your favorite tracks. Discover new tiles and watch face shortcuts for easy access.

andriod os to access music and podcast from the watch
Music and podcast

SmarTrip with Google Wallet

People who commute in Washington, D.C., and the San Francisco Bay Area can now conveniently use their Wear OS smartwatches to quickly pay and ride using their SmarTrip and Clipper cards through Google Wallet.

Google Keep for Wear OS

Manage your tasks efficiently with Google Keep for Wear OS. Pin important notes or to-do lists to your watch for quick access. Stay organized by swiping through your tiles and finding your pinned notes.

Emoji Kitchen on Gboard with new aquatic-theme

Express yourself with Emoji Kitchen on Gboard. Create personalized emoji stickers to send in your messages. Explore new aquatic-themed emoji combinations for a refreshing touch during summer or a cool vibe in the winter.

Emoji kitchen on Gboard with new aquatic theme and its feature
new aquatic theme

Dark Web Report

Protect your online identity with the dark web report feature. Check if your Gmail address has been exposed on the dark web through Google One and receive guidance on how to safeguard yourself.

New feature of dark web report
Dark web report

Google One members can also scan for additional personal information like social security numbers. Google said, the Dark Web report is available in the U.S. right now and will expand to over 20 countries soon.


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