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Google Photos for web gets new editing features

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Google Photos for web and its redesign features
Google Photos Redesign

Google has expanded the editing capabilities for Google One members, making them accessible on the web version of Google Photos. In February, Google One introduced features like Magic Eraser and HDR video effects

The enhanced editing options available for Google One members include:
  • Portrait light adjustment: With a simple click, you can modify the position and brightness of the lighting in portrait photos.

  • Background blur adjustment: By clicking on the Blur option, you can control the level of blur in the background of your photos.

  • Sky palette selection: Click on Sky to choose from various palettes and adjust the color and contrast of the sky in your images.

  • Color focus: Selecting Color focus allows you to desaturate the background while retaining the foreground in color, creating an impactful visual effect.

  • HDR enhancement: Clicking on HDR enhances the brightness and contrast of the entire image, resulting in a more balanced and vibrant photo.


These new editing features are now available to all Google One members, no matter their plan, but will work only on devices with at least 4 GB RAM and an updated browser.


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