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RUIZU X13 The Perfect Bluetooth MP3 Player for Kids Launched in India

A physical overview of RUIZU X13 MP3 player and its feature
Inital look of ruizu x13 MP3 Player

RUIZU a china based manufacturer of sports MP3 players has launched its 1st music player for kids in India RUIZU x 31. The device has a design of panda-style design and it has a built-in speaker and an additional Bluetooth connectivity feature.

The RUIZU X 31 is a music player for kids who looks like a panda. It comes with features that can help your children to have fun and new learning skills. You can use Bluetooth to connect RUIZU X31 to a smartphone, tablet, or to laptop to play music from the device. It also has a microphone that lets your children speak over the phone, record their voices and it can save them and it has a 16GB storage inside the device

The RUIZU X13 MP3 Player has a colorful screen and big buttons for easy control. Your kids can switch modes and change the songs, it has a 5 equalizer setting so you can choose one of the modes,

It also has a pedometer that counts how many steps your kids take while dancing to music. It has an alarm clock that can help your children to wake up and plan their day.

A detail overview of mp3 player and FM radio features and benefits
MP3 Player and FM Radio

With the help of internal storage, it can store 4,000 MP3 songs and other files with the 16 GB storage on the RUIZU X31. In case you need more space you can add a TF card with up to 128 GB storage card. It also has an FM radio which can save up to 35 radio stations. Battery life can last up to 100 hours of playing music and it can be charged with TYPE – C USB Cable with a charging time of around 2.5 hours. It also has earbuds and a lanyard so you can take it anywhere.

Quick specifications of RUIZU X31 16gb Bluetooth MP3 player for kids

  • Cartoon design (panda) MP3 player for kids

  • Supports volume limit and adjustable brightness

  • Bluetooth V 5.0

  • HiFi lossless MP3 Player with built-in speaker

  • Supports voice recorder

  • 16 GB of internal storage, supports up to 64GB SD card / 128gb TF Card

  • Battery capacity: 750mah, standby up to 100 h ; 2.5 fast charging

  • Features equalizer, FM radio

  • Others: pedometer, alarm folder, stopwatch, and more

  • Lanyard and earbuds support

Pricing and availability

You can get the RUIZU X31 16GB Bluetooth MP3 player for kids for Rs. 4,490 but is now available for Rs. 4,200 for as low as and starting today.


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