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Apple could launch the more affordable Vision headset in 2025

Apple's new product Vision pro
Tim cook Apple CEO

Apple’s Vision Pro headset, priced at $3,499 (Rs. 2,88,930 approx.), is not positioned for mass adoption. To make the product more accessible, Apple is developing a cheaper model. Here’s how they plan to achieve that, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman.

The announcement of the headset’s price caused astonishment among the audience. Consumers and commentators alike criticized the steep cost, finding Apple’s argument for the price point unconvincing.

Misleading Comparison

Apple’s claim that the Vision Pro offers more value than a state-of-the-art TV, surround-sound system, powerful computer, high-definition displays, and high-end camera is misleading. The headset is designed for individual use, unlike shared TVs, and those interested in a spatial computer likely already possess high-end Macs, monitors, and smartphones.

Apple initially contemplated delaying the price announcement to avoid negative publicity. However, the company decided to reveal it at the event to prevent further backlash. Consumers now have nine months to absorb the cost before the Vision Pro hits the market.

Future Plans for a Cheaper Model

Apple is already working on a more affordable version of the headset to increase sales. The name “Vision Pro” suggests a non-Pro version is in development, possibly called Apple Vision or Apple Vision One.

To lower the price, Apple can make several adjustments. They could use lower-quality screens, employ a less advanced chip, reduce the number of cameras, simplify the headband design, require AirPods for spatial audio instead of built-in speakers, switch to a physical IPD adjustment, and remove the 3D camera.

These changes, coupled with refined production processes and economies of scale, could significantly reduce the cost.

Key Features in a Cheaper Model

While certain features may be compromised, Apple is likely to retain core components, such as the external EyeSight screen for displaying the wearer’s eyes and the eye- and hand-tracking system.

Release Timeline

Apple plans to launch the cheaper model by the end of 2025, approximately two years after the original Vision Pro. Simultaneously, they are developing a second-generation Vision Pro with an upgraded processor, indicating a two-product strategy similar to the iPhone and iPhone Pro models.

For now, Apple hopes that the high price of the Vision Pro won’t deter people from the category and anticipates sufficient demand for the cheaper version by 2026.


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